Friday, January 30, 2009

Dogs In Their "Nests"

I love clicking photographs with my Nokia N73 mobile. I admit its not the greatest camera, but at the moment it is all I have. I will start by posting my old photographs. Inspired by Mayank Austen Soofi to take this step.

Ok now. The photographs below were clicked by me on January 2008 (last year) at Janakpuri District Centre. That's a pretty chilly time here in Delhi.

 Now I dont know how the straw reached there, because its highly improbable that the dogs collected it and made nests for themselves, but see how they have perched on the wall!

(click on the pics to enlarge them)

EDIT : Inder tells me that the yellow stuff is not straw, as I said earlier, but plants that just died.


  1. Rima, these are ABSOLUTELY priceless. I don't get to go often enough to India and I have been really kicking myself for not taking pictures of street life while I was there in the spring of 2007 and 2008. Many thanks.

  2. ooops forgot to ask..what's that wall?

  3. inder - your bike isnt in good shape now.

    anu - thanks! the next time you're here, do keep a camera handy. thats what i like best about my phone. i have a camera with me everywhere i go. though i am planning to buy a good digital camera now.

    MAS - thank you so so much! most of my photos involve animals and nature. not people, like your photographs.

  4. anu - oops oops. i forgot too! the wall is like this boundary of a parking lot.

  5. Oh I had a camera on my phone and I also carried a digital camera with's just that I have always snapped shots in my mind and that worked fine, but now as I begin to paint I realize that I could use some photographs....and I totally totally love the way those street dogs have made themselves comfortable on that wall.

  6. oh no! i click pictures whenever i feel like because the unwanted ones can always be deleted later on.

    when i look at the dogs in these pictures, i feel cozy and sleepy myself. :P


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