Monday, January 19, 2009

How NOT To Take Care Of Your Mobile

Stupid eh? Yeah, I'm Stupid. Stupid like a fox!

Today I am going to tell you what happens when your brains take a walk.

Time : Early Morning (10 am, haha)

1. Get up
2. Go to the bathroom
3. Place mobile on sink (stupid thing no. 1)
4. *brush* *brush* *brush*...
5. Mobile slides into the sink and mingles happily with the water
6. Grab mobile and fish it out
7. Notice toothpaste stain on mobile
8. Put it back in water and rinse (stupid thing no. 2)


  1. Rima has started a new Mobile drycleaning service..give in ur mobile and have a nice time and den take it back from her when u are back..:P

  2. oh and i will do it free of charge :)

  3. Not at all! You are welcome!


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