Thursday, January 15, 2009

Three Months, Then Solitude

I am sitting here all alone with no one to give me company. One of the rare days when I am online and everyone else is asleep. A feeling of desertion is taking over me. Why are we sometimes so afraid of the silence? So scared to be left alone? I feel like the whole world has left me and that I am running behind it, trying to catch up. I am feeling lonely and tensed. I want to break down and cry my eyes out. Today for the first time since 5th October, I am heart broken.


  1. The Photograph: hmmm......
    Your eyes radiate the rebel in you.

    About the solitude, This is a phase that every one passes through and learn's the most of the life. This is a very critical period and so, keep ur mind open and look up for answers.

    I felt like giving a hand, but that will only make u even worser. The wise thing to do now is understand solitude and celebrate. Catching up the world will automatically happen.

  2. sometimes being all alone gives you all the answers.

  3. when ever u feel lonely
    m here honey to tok with u
    just give me a call
    luv u forever

  4. thank you but long distance calls suck out a lot of my money! :D

  5. le..u have answer to all ur probs. call indy..sahi hai..and abt money try voip contact me for me..

    god bless u and indy.:).

    @indy..balle captain saab

  6. thanks for the blessings butcher. oh the irony!

  7. hahahaha ,m alwys short of money wth lot of time :P

  8. well in such times of recession its always wiser to save more and spend less!


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