Saturday, January 17, 2009

For The Love Of Dog!

I grew up in a colony which had many stray dogs scampering about. Every couple of months, a fresh batch of pups would be born. Oh how cute they looked! The fat, furry body and those melting eyes. A head so small, yet so complete in itself. So much better than a newly born human baby!

I have heard people scream, yes literally scream, when they hear me equating a dog with a human. Oh no. Oh no no. I am not equating them. I am simply saying that dogs are better.

There was this time when I was taking a walk with my mother. A couple was coming in our direction. The lady was pushing a pram with a bonny baby inside, while her husband was walking a pug. As they went by, I whispered "how pretty!", "so cute!" and whatnot to my mother. The baby's mother apparently heard me because she smiled. I took this as a good omen and bent down to pat the flat head of the little pug. "A beautiful dog you have here", I said.

She was shocked out of her wits.


  1. More the innocence, more the beauty is.........

    I think, You haven't read my latest post on "Beauty" on Xsense.

  2. dogs r very cute
    but i hate those fuckers who run like idiots behind bikes and cause an accident hazard

  3. razigan, i have read the post! a human baby is innocent too, then why dont i see the same level of beauty in it, if not more? (as compared to dogs)

    inder, dogs sometimes go crazy! i have seen many dogs barking furiously at people who carry around large bags. for eg, ragpickers! (i dont know whether this is a universal phenomenon. atleast the dogs in my locality do that!)

  4. nicely wirtten text..nice work..:) personally want 2 have dogs.but i want ppl to have 2 at a time..cause i don want any of the dog to get bored of solitude and eventually die mentally. and abut stray dogs..are nuiscense for sure. i hate 'em and i fear most ppl hate 'em too..the MCD shld tame the onez which can be and others should be either send to forests or u know..terminated.. but personally i don wanna have ne pet dogs cause i think the expense per annum of dog is almost on the lines of a poor ppl living below feeding a poor is much better i suppose

  5. First of all, U r gifted to have inder, so caring for u... My wishes for both of you. "Long live"

    Rima, The only reason I can think of is, "U might have encountered an incident in ur life in the past, against the love and beauty of human child. So subconsciously ur mind is not taking interest on human child"

    Atleast, I cannot compromise anything in this world for my baby (one and half years old).

  6. i want a doggie
    u reminded me of my previous dogs
    right now m happy with my fish
    will buy one when i will be back:P

  7. abishek - a dog does take a lot of money to keep! i remember their horrendously expensive shots.

    razigan - my own baby will bring out those emotions in me too, i suppose. and write something about your child. i am sure there will be many things to say!

    inder - when you come back, ill buy you another of those fish whos eyes arent in their sockets. :)

  8. OK, Would write about my child soon.

    Really, There is a lot to share.


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