Saturday, February 21, 2009

SONY And A Signal

I finally got my digital camera! Man I am super excited! It happened about two weeks back. I was dying to get one since a very very long time, so as soon as my dad landed here in Delhi, I dragged him to the nearest Sony showroom. (The model is W210 and cost me close to 13k rupees. That's a pretty decent price for a 12.1 megapixel resolution, 4x optical zoom and 2 GB memory card! For more information, click here. I got the one in black.)

I clicked this pic when I was waiting at the infamous Dabri crossing. Nothing special, but since I love trees and I love silhouettes, I passed a few seconds of my boring wait peacefully.

The driver kept honking even though the signal was red.

Interesting criss-cross of lines.
(Opposite Godhuli Old Age Home, Dwarka)

Atleast she's drinking DJB water.
(Opposite Godhuli Old Age Home, Dwarka)

(click on the pics to enlarge them)


  1. 12 megapixels? Wowsers. My ol' camera is rockin' at 7 pixels...12 gives you such an amazing clarity!

  2. Congrats... hmmm.... I can expect colourful posts from Rima hereonwards.......

    These tools really make wonder, when u extend your imagination and creativity. Best of luck.......

    P.S. : I too feel, this gadget is for a pro. But may be u can become one.

  3. oh no razigan. the model is very very very VERY basic. i am just waiting to learn a little more about the finer details of photography. then in a few years time there will be a dslr hanging from my neck and not a simple digital camera :)

  4. I know precisely nothing much about cameras...but you manage to make the sky look lovely in your pictures...and thanks for the visit on my blog, I'm very verry flattered.

  5. thanks to you too jasjyot! :D

    i plan to post more photos in the future.

  6. all these pic reminded me the time when i used to pic n drop u home honey.

    missing u a lot
    i luv u a lot


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