Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Holi Hai!

First of all, a very Happy Holi to all of you! (I know it comes a bit late :P)

I fiercely oppose synthetic colours. Never did I find those hugely bright pinks and greens attractive. But sadly they have become the norm. When I was in school, we were always encouraged to buy herbal colours. Now that I think of it, school also helped me reach the decision of not bursting crackers during Diwali.

But whats the benefit of buying these herbal colours when most of the people use those syntheticy ones on me? Those shiny, sparkly powders with tubelights and whatnot mixed in them. A morning well spent on playing with the society people has resulted in rashes on my face and patches of colours that refuse to budge. :( I think I will have to be a little strict in future and roam around with a packet of my own colour, telling people to use only that, or nothing at all.

The celebration summed up in the best possible manner. A saintly south-Indian neighbour came up to me and dabbed a dot of sandalwood paste on my forehead.

Some colours refuse to budge

Family at war

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  1. Hmmmmmm...... seem to have celebrated well.......

    Take out those inorganic guily feeling about colors. Once in a year with those colours is fine...
    If U r skin is so sensitive, then, have 'parachute ka champy' for hair and a moisturiser (u can apply excess like a sunscreen) in the exposed part of your body. All the colours will readily be removed just in water........

    The science is so advanced, that there is an antidote for everything......

  2. oh i applied so much oil then moisturizer too! but the colours just refused to go. i have extremely sensitive and dry skin, so its looking worse than ever now! i hope all this erases off soon.

  3. Take a neem tablet (from himalayas) and a seven seas cod liver oil tablet for six months.

    I'm sure your immunity will improve tremondously. Your skin will also glow from internally. They are herbal too and no side effects. (Except that, If you take more than 2 neem tablets a day, your body heat will increase a bit...)

  4. ooo those synthetic colors are awful - I agree! If only there was some way to ban their use. Ahh well. Such is the price for our bright and colorful holiday. Hope you had a happy holi!

  5. razigan, oh my immunity is fine. its just that i have excessively dry skin. and it glows, dont worry. i can bet on that. :D:D and the colours have finally faded off from my skin.

    desipolitan, i had a fabulous holi. hope you had fun too!


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