Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Unsafe Drive Back Home

Aaah. What a great day of shopping! Bliss. I am dying to get home and relax those poor feet. I'll make some of my stinky noodles and watch a cheesy Hindi film. More bliss.

Why did those two people on a bike just shout at me? Did I do anything wrong? I wasnt even near them. Ignore.

My favourite part of the drive! Flyover! Flyover! Now whats that? Who is this honking at me again and again? I am going at a pretty decent speed! *Checks rearview mirror* Oh no! Not the weirdass bikers again!

No! No! Just get lost and leave me alone! What a great day I had, dont ruin it with your sorry antics. Hey, quit getting so close to my car! You might dent it! It already bears a few signs of abuse. Oh for God's sake...

The honking is getting on my nerves now. Oh no! A traffic signal, and the light's red! The bikers have got me now! Ok.. Just ignore them and look straight ahead. Let me go and stand between those two huge SUVs. *Blearp* *Blearp* Shit. Let me re-check if my doors are locked..

The lights are green and I have taken a left turn. The fools are still tailgating. Hang on, here they come. They are right next to me now, hooting some incomprehensible stuff. This is getting scary. Oh shit! They are banging on my window! What if they manage to break it? Will they throw acid on my face? The way its shown in the papers? Will they take out a pistol and shoot me? I hope I survive this ordeal...


  1. I read about such harassment happening in Bangalore....that for real or simply sensational news?

  2. oh, its real. it did happen to me a couple of days back. its pretty common.

    i have heard that women drivers can apply to the police and get permission for putting up heavily tinted films on their car windows. a friend of mine has got that done. its a good idea, but how unfortunate that we have to resort to such measures.

  3. Genial dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.

  4. oh! i have no idea how this helped your assignment, but i am glad that it did.


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