Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai And Delhi : My Homes

Mumbai was where I belonged to, for a very long time. I was born there, and spent my formative years in one of its best schools. As I approached my 10th Birthday, certain circumstances forced my family to shift to Delhi.

Even after spending almost 10 years here in Delhi, Mumbai holds a special place in my heart. I wasnt allowed to venture out of the colony where we stayed because I was too small, but I could feel Mumbai and its soul, nontheless. I can say that because everything seemed different when I came to Delhi. The behaviour of children and the schools. The way of teaching and the nosy, loud adults. Yes, things were very different.

I dont really intend to go back there. Even though I think of the beach, my colony, my friends and my school a great deal. But I will always be both a Mumbaikar and a Delhiite at heart.

I shudder to think of the ordeal that people in Mumbai have gone through in the past few days. My heart bleeds for them.


  1. Ok.........,

    If You got to choose one, what will u choose?

  2. delhi :)
    thats because i was small in mumbai but had reached a certain level of understanding when i came to delhi. i have experienced delhi better.

  3. arey bam bam bam bambai,bambai humko jam gayi....This city never sleeps and even not me lol jokeing..Me Mumbaikar, i love my mumbai jaan ... there no comparison of any place with mumbai .. i born,live & will die in mumbai only muuuuuah

    Yeh Bambai shahar haadson ka shahar hai...Yahan zindagi haadson ka safar hai.....Yahan roz roz har mod mod pe hota hai koi na koi...Haadsa oh Haadsaaa......Dang,kal hi haadsaa hogaya,i just got slip on road lol...well itz to raining today..aaahh mumbai ki barish....wherz pakode chakode/samosas hmm yummmy

    and btw u was from mumbai..ahh therefore soochu this koka wearing gal is why so pretty and attractive :p

    come back .. come back :D


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