Monday, November 17, 2008

My Priceless Nailpolish

I have always thought that I do too much for my friends. I go out of my way to help them and sometimes fall into trouble myself while doing so. I remember making an elaborate birthday card for a friend when I was in school (since I am pretty good at doing such things). I attached those little 'ghungroos' (bells) at the base which made my fingers bleed. But I kept at it, until the card looked prettier than a wedding invitation.

Most of the times I have not adequately been... what should I say? Rewarded? Lets use that word for lack of a proper one. People say that there shouldnt be any expectations in love or friendship, but I somehow dont agree with it. You shouldnt be taken for granted in life.

There was nothing special about today. So I was pleasantly surprised when a dear friend gifted me a nailpolish. I know its a small thing and probably doesnt cost more than 70 bucks, but the gesture was so sweet that I almost cried. She remembered how much I love that particular shade. (She has a nailpolish of the same colour and I had instantly fallen in love with it, but had been unable to find the exact shade in the market.)

It doesnt always take a lot to show someone that you care. Do your share right now. You might just make someones day.


  1. I don't like nail polish. ha ha ha....

    But for the fact, People take u for granted or U r not being appreciated that u deserved? - Simple Problem.

    Try to be more effective that efficient. It is the same difference between a good efficient batsman like dravid hits all the ball to fielders and a effective batsman like tendulkar who hits few balls in the gap.

  2. well i dont consider this to be a problem. people cant take me for granted for long. i dont let them.

    i love nailpolish, hence the gift.

  3. Oh I see........

    Hmmm..... Rima kaur Doesn't seem to like advices.........

    ha ha... Jus' kidding......

  4. no razigan, i love listening to what people have to say. it doesn't matter whether their thoughts match mine!

  5. Hello Rima,

    This was a lovely post about the gift of friendship. I hope you will continue to blog. No new blogs since February!

    Have a beautiful day

  6. No new posts, I know! Have been thinking of posting for the past many days..


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