Saturday, May 9, 2009

West Delhi Plus

West Delhi Plus is a weekly supplement that we get along with Times of India. In honour of Mother's Day today, it invited readers to send in tributes to their mothers and tell the world what makes their relationship so special.

I quickly typed in a few sentences..

If I ever had to make a list of those who know me inside out, my mother's name would feature first. No thought, emotion or expression of mine if hidden from her. I do it not because its a compulsion, but because its truly such a joy.
Perhaps the best part about my mother would be her calm mind. I thank my stars for blessing me with someone who does not scream at the drop of a hat. She has given me the liberty to lead life by my own terms and does not question my decisions.
It would be such a cliche to say "my mother faced many hardships in life" - because who doesn't? What matters is whether you are able to emerge victorious. Today, my mother stands tall. I have learnt to live life through her successes as well as her mistakes.
Mummy, you're a treat.

I was sleeping soundly today morning when my brother ran in, "You're in the newspaper! You're in the newspaper!"
It was published!
(of course it was edited a bit)


  1. congrats honey
    m so happy
    keep it up

  2. wahooo yaar tussi to chha agye....nice one i had read abt MAA till now..i like the way u write ur feelings with the help of pen ....keep doing and yes for more intresting welcome to my blog than keep enjoy ur life with ur MOM

    jai Ho mangalmay ho

  3. thank you so much! to me, it does not matter whether i use a pen or the keyboard, what matters is writing. i have never found it very difficult to express what i feel, but sometimes, getting the right words that do justice to what i feel does get difficult.

    i will definitely go through your blog.

  4. How about honouring your mother by helping another mother who is striving to make a better life for her family.

    GiveIndia is a transparent and trustworthy way to help Indians living in poverty.

  5. congrats, Rima. Your mama has a dazzling smile. What's she wearing???

  6. oh thanks! she has draped a shawl around herself. it was quite cold.

  7. ssa rima ji! awesome job. i just found ur's fun! i love it! rock on....

    nirmal d sardarniiii

  8. nirmal, i hope you have a good time here. :o)


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