Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Something New, Something Old

I got my first salary today.

:) Is this how I feel?
:D Or this?
There isnt anything better, so I would rather be :DDDDDDDDDD

After all, it isnt about the money (not yet!), but more about being told by the world "YES! You're worth something out here."

I havent really figured out what I'll do with the money. But the local gurudwara is surely going to see a rare visitor today. Why? I dont bother going there. Never ever. But today, the place just calls out to me. Plus my Badimummy (nani) is here, so she would have forced me to go there anyway.

I was out yesterday evening at the local market.
"Lakme ka naya collection aya?"
"Abhi nahi madam"

Grr. I could really do with some brand new makeup. Like Sophie Kinsella says in her novel, 'The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic' -

"As I walk into Smith's I feel my whole body expand in relief. There's a thrill about walking into a shop - any shop - which you can't beat. It's partly the anticipation, partly the buzzy, welcoming atmosphere, partly just the lovely newness of everything. Shiny new magazines, shiny new pencils, shiny new protractors. Not that I've needed a protractor since I was eleven - but don't they look nice, all clean and unscratched in their packets?"

Not that I am comparing myself to Rebecca Bloomwood, the rambling Financial Journalist (and protagonist of the series) who cannot even manage her own money. But just the sight of a creamy lipgloss or powdery blusher or shimmering nailpolish makes me go weak in the knees.

I roamed around a bit more. With no luck at the beauty supply store, I settled for the next best alternative - books. The local market doesnt have a bookstore, but there is plenty of choice as far as second-hand books are concerned. A few years ago, I would have turned up my nose at the sight of used books. But with age, stupidity gives way to humility.

My eyes feasted on the withered covers and crumbling pages. Every book seemed to have a story to tell. I picked up one without realising what it was and dropped it immediately. "What to Expect when you're Expecting".
"Wo chahye kya madam?"

Suddenly a handsome young man came and stood next to me. What features! I was actually taken aback by his presence. Such boys arent ever seen near dusty books. Anyway, I was there to look at books and not ogle at men and miss my beloved. I peeled my tired eyes and grabbed a paperback with a fawn coloured labrador pup embossed on the cover - "Marley and Me". I expected it to be yet another teach-your-dog-to-do-back-flips kind of a book. I flipped through.

"Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog"
"He's the only dog I've ever known to get expelled from obedience school."
"Marley quickly grew into an uncontrollable ninety-seven pound steamroller of a Labrador retriever... even the tranquillisers prescribed by the vet couldn't stop him."

Of course, I had to get this book.
Plus Freud's "Interpretation of Dreams". Dear Freud, if only you were alive today!


  1. Hey have you tried those mineral powders? They're great, light and sheer. That, and a dash of lipstick is what I use when I feel the need to be a bit glamorous :-)

  2. Congratulations on your new job, Rima! When I first started working, I'd make a "contribution" to the local beauty store nearly every time I got paid. I just can't resist! As flaky as the Becky Bloomwood character is, I totally sympathize with her whenever she enters a store ... not that this justifies out-of-control spending or anything ;)

  3. Congratulations on the first salary..marley and me should be a good read and after you are done...could perhaps watch the movie by the same name too!

  4. Good that u r worth some money... But that's a big illusion in itself. Worth is not the money, but the potential...

    Whatever, U sound girlish when u speak about lipsticks and nail polishes. Practically, I avoid those overdoing that. I have already told my wife, the unpainted lips are more beautiful..... I admire fresh, clean and poise.

    ""Suddenly a handsome young man came and stood next to me. What features! I was actually taken aback by his presence. ""

    The candid expression is too good. I would appreciate If you can explain more on what could have made u feel so intense about that man?? especially the stranger man......

  5. anu - i havent tried mineral powders as yet, but ill definitely give them a shot in the future. the trend of mineral makeup is yet to catch up in india, so i dont have many options available. when i do, ill definitely try them. i have heard a lot about how lightweight, sheer and natural looking those powders are and its high time i give them a shot!

    desipolitan - thanks! i already had "the secret dreamworld of a shopaholic" and today i got "shopaholic & sister" from a book exhibition at school. being a teacher, i got an additional discount of 15%..!!

    reeta skeeter - thanks to you too! i knew about "marley and me" - the film. when i saw the book, i actually thought it was written after the film was released! (talk about being dumb!). ill read the book first and then watch the film.

    razigan - when i said "atleast i am worth something" i didnt mean it money wise. and if i love makeup it doesnt mean that i overdo it and end up looking like a clown!
    talking about the stranger, i dont really know what happened there! i glanced at him for less than two seconds and that was it. whatever i felt has been summed up in that paragraph and i dont really have anything more to say!


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