Thursday, December 25, 2008

Robbed On Christmas Eve!

From the actual 'crime scene'

The doorbell rang through the silence and woke me up rather rudely. I grabbed my mobile to look at the time. Around 7.30 am. Who would disturb us at such an unearthly hour on a winter morning? My mother was awake and doing her usual household chores, so she answered the door. I heard a male voice. "The lock of your other house is broken. You better come and see." The next thing I heard was mummy walking out of the house. The robbers struck at the right time I guess. We dont stay there any longer, and my Dadi (Father's mother) is out for a vacation.

I didnt bother to get up because I knew the thieves wouldnt have found much to steal. All our stuff is now here, save a few pieces of furniture. And whatever my Dadi has would not really amount to anything. But then lightening struck me and I remembered my father's brand new speakers and music system that were still in their cartons. They were stored there because this house of ours is smaller and doesnt have any free space. I got up in a hurry, grabbed my jacket and left.

My brother and I reached the other home in a matter of a few minutes. After all, its only across the road. Mummy was already there talking on the mobile with someone. I hurriedly went inside was greeted by the chaos. Every cupboard, bed and showcase was thrown open. The wooden doors were splintered near the knobs. It looked like a tornado had come visiting. I quickly grabbed my cellphone and thanked my stars for its good quality camera. I moved from room to room and clicked away.

The floor above barely has any furniture in it. So there wasnt really much for the thieves to break. But as I went to my parents' room, I saw that the locker had been broken into. But so far nothing was missing. Then I thought about my father's precious stuff and rushed to the other room to check if it was still there. Everything in that room was untouched.

The bumbling thieves wasted their whole night breaking through nearly 10 locks, but did not take anything away. They wanted cash and gold, and obviously did not find any.

Mummy then called out to me and asked me to go back home and wait for the maid. I agreed because there wasnt much for me to do anyway. I came back and quickly loaded all the photos to my laptop. I observed them all carefully since I didnt really have time to do that in the real 'crime scene'. I zoomed in to one picture of my parents' room and saw something missing. Then the dam broke and I couldnt stop laughing.

The thieves will have a very merry Christmas tonight with my father's collection of priceless scotch bottles.

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  1. it was not a theft honey
    otherwise those guys would have taken music system n television and other precious things....

    it was just a threat to u all....

  2. Whatever happened in the past is for your good. Whatever is happening now is also good and whatever happens in the future is, that too, will be good.

    * What have you lost that makes you weep? What did you bring into this life that you have lost? What did you nurture that has been destroyed. You brought nothing into this life and nothing you take while you are here can you take with you when you depart. You came into the world empty-handed, and will leave empty-handed. What is yours today was another persons yesterday and the day after tomorrow is will belong to someone else. You think all this is yours because you are identified with this existence. Alas, is it this materialistic attachment that is the cause of your unhappiness.

    >> Copy paste from the Gist of Bhagavad Gita

  3. of course it was a theft! the scotch bottles were stolen!

  4. if it was a theft they would have taken atleast electronics stuff beacuse they had enough time to steal as no one was at home....

  5. theft is theft. whether they take electronics or take bottles of alcohol. they were stolen and that what it is. its not that they asked us 'maam can we please take away your bottles?'

  6. ha, ha. And oh, in Montreal, when we were away for the weekend, a burglar broke into our house and stole a few electronic things thali. I don’t wear jewelry and the sacred thali was the only piece of gold I owned and so I stored it carefully in my dresser drawer. My m-in-law was not too happy about this.

  7. a gold thali! my, my! the burglar must have been ecstatic!


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