Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oral Pleasures

Freud said that the mouth is an errogenous zone; and being "obsessed" with lip biting, lipsticks and kissing, who am I to disagree? (I'm leaving out certain things here!)

A couple of months back, I had this strong urge to light up a ciggie. There were some issues in my life that just wouldn't resolve and I was pretty much on tenterhooks. As much as I despised the horrible smelling grey smoke, I was drawn to it more and more. I would swoon whenever a friend lit up around me. Remember those old Disney cartoons where delicious smells wafted out of the oven and hypnotised the hungry? That's exactly what was happening to me! I had a sutta or two and allowed my throat to scratch up..

Thanks to the horrible fear I have of wrecking my skin, I gave up smoking without really giving it much of a shot.
And what would I do without certain people who threatened to kill me if I became addicted?

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  1. aiyyo.. I'm sure everything is fine now. Smoking is dirty!!:| Don't again. No, no. :)
    and LOL For mouth!!:P

  2. ;) i love your lippie by the way, which one is it? (there i go again..)

  3. You know what even had an urge to take one and have a whiff when I was at New York and had to face this biting -25 degree cold. I was freezing and I couldn't walk and suddenly a lady went across my side with a ciggi in her hand..the smoke and heat was soooooo tempting....After going home I felt he chill had really made me go bonkers coz I just can't stand smoking at all....

    I am glad you gave it!! :) :) That piccy is funny,...he he

  4. well at least we did it for the heat.. most do it to stay in shape :P now THAT'S tempting!

  5. Oh..I cant breathe properly wen sum1 is smoking at li'l distance :| glad u gave up its so deleterious :O

  6. haha shweta! i was intensely repulsed by the smokey cigarette smell earlier but now i find it stragely appealing!

  7. god, yes. :P though these days i'm stuffing my face with sweets. dunno what's more dangerous! :P


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