Friday, December 25, 2009

Self Critique

How do some people manage to write the way they do? I look at people around me and realize that I will probably never be able to write as articulately as they do. I am a girl of horribly simplistic thoughts and equally simplistic writing. Maybe this stems from my overall personality; I call a spade a spade. In school too, I was the one who could speak well and write well, but never was I the one who could string together eloquent sentences or delicate poetry. It is for this same reason that I rate myself an average writer. No, I am not looking for compliments here, just admitting the truth! It takes a genius to write well, to make the whole world listen. Oh, and its not only writing I am talking about here! Those geniuses out there who spin their yarns, its so difficult for me to understand what they mean! They really make me question my intelligence. I am having my Homer Simpson moment now. Doh!


  1. I always say Be yourself, it's the best way to be. If everyone starts to write like literature grads, then there'll be no fun left in reading spontaneous straight from the heart texts...

    Merry Christmas :)

  2. Rima,

    The superior man is not distressed by the fact that his ability is not recognized; He is distressed by the limitations of his ability.

    Writing does not come well unless you have something to say. When you write something, it is the heat in your heart that engages the reader.

    You do write clearly for a girl of your age who does not engage on real issues. Unless you focus on real issues, engaging an audience would be difficult.


  3. thanks ramit for those kind words! (",)

    krishnan, that was deep! i do not wish to engage any audience! those who wish to stay, can!

  4. Duh! Even I am finding it difficult to follow you right now.

    OK - this comment wasn't meant to be compliment. Nor was it meant to be sympathetic. Arrgh... I'll leave it at that!

  5. (",)

    Just trying to make the smiley like you! :) Your's is cuter!

  6. hahhahahahahahahah nice nice.u r a genious in ur own way, ur self nd there r vry few ppl who can say spade,,a spade.nd no.1 is Khuswant singh ji :)

    Merry X MASS nd hav a nice year ahead

  7. You know write pretty well.Sensible and understandable..that's what matters in the end.
    I don't like reading things I can't make sense out of - no matter how decorative the writing style is!

    I too consider myself just as someone who manages to write her thoughts.Never attempted poetry or fiction.But for me that's enough since I don't aspire to become a writer :)

  8. I just added you in my blogroll. :)

  9. A very Happy New year to you. :)

  10. mainak - i didnt know my writings had the ability to confuse people!

    ramit - of course mines cuter! heehee!

    rajiv - hope you had a merry christmas and wish you a very happy year ahead!

    rati - aw thanks ill be adding you too and wish you a prosperous new year!


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