Thursday, July 2, 2009

Am I An Egg?

As a child, it was a task for me to make small talk with strangers. No, I wasnt shy. I could stare at people constantly and even make them lower their own gazes. I could share the same space with them without breaking into a sweat. The problem was talking. I just did not know what to say. If someone asked me questions, I would smile and/or grin and softly answer them. People would pat my cheeks and say stuff like "You shy girl!" or "See how she's blushing!" and then the very next moment I would run away.

I look at myself now and see the change. No, I am not your usual case of "shy-girl-becomes-crazy-overtalkative-extrovert". I am still very, very reserved in the first few meetings with strangers but I dont hesitate at all to make conversation. I am probably the first person to start talking and the last to finish. Whether I am journeying or waiting for a seminar to start, I always nudge the people around me to engage in some talking. If they dont seem interested, I drop it. Then again I am irritated by people who yak their heads off and dont realize that everyone around them wants to scream and run in the opposite direction.

Of course with close friends, its a different story. I am probably the one who fools around the most.

My psychology teacher once called me a "slow-to-warm-up" personality. As soon as she said that, I saw a huge egg in my mind. Yes, thats right. An egg. Go figure!

So what am I? Am I an extrovert? Am I that-what-induces-egg-images?


  1. NOO maam,u r a genious.
    ur blogs r gud but thoda tadka maar diya karo

  2. well i write what i have to. i dont know how to maro tadka. :)

  3. u write gud yaar but mayank nd khuswant sir jaisa koi tadkaaa.

    nd tadka lagana seekh lo nahi to daal ko tadka kaun lagaye gaaa:P:P

  4. two writers can never be the same, isnt it? well at least two original writers can never be the same. mayank and khushwant singh both have their own styles. thanks for the suggestion though.

  5. i felt that when we met for the first time but after couple of meetings u were as energetic as i was..:P

  6. yeah but i am still a teeny tiny bit reserved, i think!


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