Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Time

Its 12.05 am here. I am supposed to get up early and go to Connaught Place, but I dont have time. Its been ages since I painted my nails. Well, not ages. 6 days, to be exact. But thats a really long time. I want to cocoon myself, deep into the pinky-ness of my fluffy blanket. I want to be an infant again. I want to be hugged and cuddled. I want to wear pretty frocks and frilly socks. I want all that back again. When was the last time I sat back and relaxed? Truly relaxed? When was the last time I made an effort to dress up? That was 6 days ago too. Then why does it seem so far away? Have I lost all sense of time? What will happen when life truly tests me? Will I fail miserably, or rise high into the sky? I look at my bare nails and feel sad. Something is amiss. Something more important that not having any nailpolish on. I look at my hair. The ends split miserably. The old t-shirt that I am wearing has a small hole on the side. I badly need to sleep. I am the mother and I am the child. I have to stand up for myself, then take care of myself too.

I better go and grab that nailpolish.


  1. hey piddy dont waste time on blogging
    plz study n study hard...
    best of luck

  2. Yes U should.........

    I can be responsible yet able to live an interesting life with innocence (in love) and joy (in pitty things, may not be nail polish).

    U too can do. Just keep your responsibility and enjoyment with a distance.

  3. inder - i wasnt going to blog. but after racking my brains over an extremely difficult chapter, i thought of coming online and writing a few lines. it helped my brain ease out.

    razigan - today, my nails are painted. i did go to connaught place. i am happy. :)

  4. Sometimes it's tough to focus on studying or work when you feel like something is off about your appearance. Best thing to do is nip it in the bud so you can obsess over one less thing and get back to work!

    Good luck to you!

  5. Hi Rima, its been long time after u came out so harsh on me in delhiwalla article. But today again i want u to understand that, "I AM NOT A COMMUNAL PERSON AND ALSO I AM NOT SO RELIGIOUS THAT I CAN DIVIDE PEOPLE OF ONE LAND ON RELIGION GROUNDS."
    But do visit to kashmir, but thank you for atlest thinking about kashmir. I am saggitarian so how could i spread communalism. bye

  6. desipolitan - as i said, "Something is amiss. Something more important that not having any nailpolish on." i think my real concern is deeper. what it is, i do not know yet!

    fahad, i understand your attempt to let me know that you are not a communal person and also not so religious that you divide people of one land on religious grounds.

    my parents honeymooned in pahalgam. someday, i will visit kashmir too; not only for seeing the popular tourist destinations it has on offer, but for seeing the other not-so-popular places as well. they always have the most to offer.

    p.s - i am a sagittarian too.


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